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Passion is the fuel that drives us and our company forward


Vida Jets truly offers an unrivaled and exceptional service, as well as a vast portfolio of charter options and an enticing range of worldwide destinations. Our first-rate Jet Specialists are able to devise a bespoke itinerary to ensure each charter experience surpasses even the highest expectation. Whether flying with corporate guests, escaping with the family or exploring with friends Vida Jets has you covered!

From gourmet-catering to luxury ground transportation, Vida Jets covers all bases in order to provide you with the best inflight experience and seamless transportation once you arrive at your preferred destination. No matter your destination, upon request, Vida Jets provides a 24/7 concierge service so that we can make your getaway even better, at a moment’s notice.


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Total service and commitment to perfection


As soon as your request is received, your personal Jet Specialist will start identifying and understanding your exact requirements. Afterwards, he or she will create a tailor-made range of aircraft adhering to your specifications. When the requirements are tailored to your satisfaction, we will have the aircraft of your choice on the tarmac, ready to fly on the day of departure. Our Jet Specialists aim to deliver a seamless experience that is the hallmark of the Vida Jets personalized services.

Additional requests can accommodated with ease through our personalized Vida Jets Concierge Service. 24/7. Whatever you need. We will make it happen.


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We are a team of professionals dedicated to serving out customers with the highest level of quality, integrity and service.

At Vida Jets, we believe that commitment to customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Our goal is not to transport the client from point A to point B, but rather to offer a seamless travel experience. We are extremely hands-on when it comes to executing a flight.


"Vida Jets' mission is to deliver unparalleled service to its clients. That is why we believe that one-on-one assistance is key to deliver the best service possible. Each client is assisted directly by one specific Jet Specialist who is available 24/7. The Jet Specialist will find the best aircraft available and manage any other service provided during or before/after the flight such as catering and ground transportation. Experience it for yourself and choose to Fly Vida."

- Camilo (President)



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Contact us now to request a private air charter quote or to discuss current or future travel needs with one of our skilled client service representatives, our Jet Specialists.

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